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Links for the 8/21 TRMS

Citations for Wednesday's show are listed after the jump.

Gas used in Homs leaves seven people dead and scores affected, activists say

Syria attacks involved chemical weapons, rebels and regime claim

White House Says It Believes Syria Has Used Chemical Arms

Scores Killed in Syria, With Signs of Chemical War

Syrian activists accuse government of deadly chemical attack near Damascus

U.N. Security Council says 'clarity' needed after alleged Syria attack

Boos, Chants Fill Heated Watauga County Board of Elections Meeting Monday, ASU Voting Site Eliminated

Watauga elections board's minutes changed at request of chairman

NC state elections chairman calls for respect

Elections board tables vote on security officers at polling sites

McCrory not familiar with all of bill he's to sign

NSA admits 'mistakes' amid criticism after audit shows it broke privacy rules

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach

Top-Secret Court Castigated N.S.A. on Surveillance

US doesn't know what Snowden took, sources say

Japan nuclear plant leaks 300 tons of highly radioactive water

Radioactive water leaking from Fukushima into Pacific Ocean, TEPCO says

A Look at the Nuclear Accident Scale

Japan declares Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant stable, in 'cold shutdown'

Tank Has Leaked Tons of Contaminated Water at Japan Nuclear Site

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Escalates To Worst Level In 2 Years