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Links for the 8/22 TRMS

Citations for Thursday's special North Carolina broadcast are listed after the jump.

Republican election surge hits U.S. state houses

Outside Spending Impacts 2010 Elections in N.C.


Pat McCrory wins NC governor race

Pat McCrory sworn in as North Carolina governor

North Carolina Lawmakers Introduce Law To Establish An Official State Religion

NC Senate passes 'Sharia law' bill

North Carolina passes sweeping abortion restrictions planted in motorcycle safety bill

Silencers are now legal for hunting in North Carolina

North Carolina GOP Dubs Millions in Education Cuts as 'Opportunity Scholarships'

McCrory signs new tax law

McCrory names Art Pope to be his chief budget writer

North Carolina GOP targets four Democrats in redistricting proposal

North Carolina lawmakers approve sweeping voter ID bill

Voter Registration Drive!

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters

Decision 2012: Pasquotank GOP chair challenges four voters

Voter challenge hearings to start Thursday

Suit threatened over voters' removal

Republicans will take control of boards of election in North Carolina in 2013

Board: ECSU student cannot run

NC elections boards move to curtail student voting

North Carolina voter ID law (pdf)

ASU College Republicans on Loss of Campus Voting Site: 'Simple Change' Won't Prevent Students From Voting

Justice Department to File New Lawsuit Against State of Texas Over Voter I.D. Law

Historic Elizabeth City

Boards of elections under scrutiny statewide

Justice Department targets Texas' voter-ID law