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Links for the 8/27 TRMS

Citations for Tuesday night's show are listed after the jump.

Twitter feeds of UK's Guardian newspaper hacked

The Onion Apparently Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army Has A Little Fun Before Inevitable Upcoming Deaths At Hands Of Rebels

Pro-Assad hackers attack Financial Times

Twitter account of Thomson Reuters hacked by Syrian activists

Syrian group hacks Washington Post site

Syrian Hackers Use Outbrain to Target The Washington Post, Time, and CNN

NYTimes announces hack

Pentagon Sees Syrian Military, Not Chemical Sites, as Target

Here's What We Know So Far About The Syrian Electronic Army's Widespread Digital Attack

SyrianElectronicArmy - ‏@Official_SEA16 - Media is going down.... | | | … |

Syria Vows To Fight Off Raids With 'Surprise' Defenses

Syrian officials: We will protect against U.S. strike with 'all available means' (video)

'No doubt' Syria unleashed chemical attack, must pay a price

OBAMA'S OPTIONS: How Would a Military Strike Against Syria Unfold

U.S. intelligence has established timeline of Syrian chemical attack, officials say

CIA's final report: No WMD found in Iraq

Hans Blix: Whether Obama in Syria or Bush in Iraq, The US Is Not the World Police

Rigell to Obama: Consult us before striking Syria

The March on Washington in its time

Britain's same-sex marriage bill clears last big hurdle

David Cameron's Conservative party conference speech in full

GOP lawmakers look to take legal action against gay marriage

A 'monumental' win for marriage rights in New Mexico

Largest NM county gives same-sex licenses

GOP chair urges support for same-sex marriage

Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady to resign

ACLU hires former IL GOP head, Pat Brady, to lobby for gay marriage

ACLU Hires Steve Schmidt to Bring Republicans Into Same-Sex Marriage Push

Gov. Douglas Will Not Seek Re-election

Dubie will run for governor

Shumlin, Dubie spar over Vt. Yankee

New TV ad smacks Dubie over Vermont Yankee

Shumlin Edges Dubie In Governor's Race

Federal appeals court rules against Vermont's efforts to close nuclear plant

Vermont nuclear power plant to shut down in 2014

Gov. Shumlin addresses Vermont Yankee closure

March 10, 2011 - Vermont Yankee's federal license renewed

Design Flaw Fueled Nuclear Disaster