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Links for the 9/9 TRMS

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Pakistan's nuclear-bomb maker says North Korea paid bribes for know-how

Libya to give up WMD

Libya's nuclear secrets unveiled in Tennessee

Libya Sets Schedule for Eliminating Chemical Weapons

Kerry speaking rhetorically over Syria turning in weapons: State Department

Obama Calls Russia Offer on Syria Possible 'Breakthrough'

UN Chief Wants Syrian Chemical Weapons Stockpile Destroyed

Syria welcomes Russian chemical arms proposal

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power Presses For Strikes On Syria

In Interview With CBS News, Assad Denies Using Chemical Weapons

Strike On Syria: Meaningless Gesture Or Necessary Response?

Michelle Bachmann, member of Congress of the United States of America, from the United States of America, addresses Egyptians

Senate bill would give Syria 45 days to sign chemical weapons ban

Obama Calls Russia Offer on Syria Possible 'Breakthrough'

Far-right lawmakers freelance in Egypt

Visiting Republicans Laud Egypt's Force

Republican congressman withdraws support for Syria strike

Republican Congressman Fundraising Off Syria Stance

When crass fundraising takes a Grimm turn

Culver signs gun permit legislation

NRA-backed gun permits bill is now law in Iowa

NRA Endorses Culver For Governor

Register Investigation: 99.6% of Iowa gun permits approved

Register Exclusive: 50 sex offenders have gun permits

Iowa grants permits for blind residents to carry guns in public

Colo one of few victories for gun control backers

Outside money shows national interest in Colorado recall elections

Statewide, Colorado voters oppose recalls, but mixed on gun laws

Voters Come Out For Day 3 Of Early Voting In Recall Elections

Obama, Biden dine with Republican senators

Obama to press Senate GOP for Syria support at Tuesday lunch

Congress scheduled to cast first Syria vote on Wednesday