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A Little Ozzy proved too much for 'America's Got Talent' judges

\"America's Got Talent\" hopeful Little Ozzy had very little in common with Ozzy Osbourne.
\"America's Got Talent\" hopeful Little Ozzy had very little in common with Ozzy Osbourne.NBC

A heart-stopping escape artist, a gruesome circus sideshow act and a precocious 6-year-old singer stole the show as "America's Got Talent" auditions rolled into St. Louis.

After Monday’s less-than-impressive showing in Tampa, the judges finally found some real talent in the Show Me State. And none was better -- or more fun to watch -- than 26-year-old Spencer Horsman.

He called himself “the world’s youngest escape artist” and teased that there was a high chance he could get mangled “or potentially killed” performing his trick. OK, Spencer, you got our attention!

Basically, he had 80 seconds to free himself from a straitjacket while hanging upside down from inside what looked like a giant set of metal teeth. The trap was held open by a rope which was lit on fire. When the rope burned through, the teeth snap shut.

Of course, he escaped at the last possible second, sending the crown into a frenzy and impressing the entire judging panel.

“I am a big fan of Houdini,” Howie said. “I think America is mesmerized by this kind of stunt and has been for a century.”

After nearly getting chomped to bits, Spencer made it through to Vegas.

“I won’t be satisfied until you kill yourself,” Howard said.

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Other winners:

Isaac Ryan Brown, 6 (singer)

He’s impossibly cute and precocious -- but his four sisters don’t like him, mom said, “because he always steals the show.” After some adorable comic banter with the judges, the pint size Michael Jackson wannabe broke into crowd pleasing rendition of “I Want You Back” which was followed by chants of “Vegas, Vegas.”

“Very few people have star quality and you have it,” Sharon commended.

Cut Throat Freak Show, 29 -33 (side show act)

The trio included a guy named Eric Odditorium -- who claims to be “the world’s most daring sword swallower" -- and a woman called Candypants.

He stuck hooks in his eyes and lifted objects. She walked on broken shards of glass. Hard to watch, indeed, but compelling at the same time. “You did something that has been done a million times and made it new again,” Howard said. 

While Sharon couldn’t bring herself to vote yes, they made it through to Vegas.

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And one loser:

Little Ozzy, 45 (Ozzy Osbourne impersonator)

Performing for Sharon was “part of my fate,” diminutive performer Lin Doak told us before the performance. 

He sang “Mama I’m Comin‘ Home” -- a song Ozzy wrote especially for her. It’s hard to tell if she was genuinely moved or simply trying to think of a polite way to tell the guy no. Then Howie and Howard both hit the “X” button and did the dirty work for her. 

“My husband is away right now, it made me miss him even more, hearing you sing that song,” Sharon said. Little Ozzy got the boot, but Sharon offers him a hug on his way out.

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