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Morocco earthquake live updates: More than 2,900 dead

Search teams from Europe and the Middle East were still looking for survivors, as aid began to reach cut-off communities.

Latest on the Morocco earthquake

  • At least 2,901 people have died and 5,530 were injured as a result of the devastating earthquake that hit Morocco on Friday.
  • Most of the dead were "buried" under the rubble of collapsed buildings, the government said.
  • Rescue operations continue with search teams from Britain, Spain and Qatar assisting the Moroccan military — but hopes of finding survivors are fading.
  • International aid groups warn that Morocco faces a huge challenge in supplying help to the estimated 300,000 affected people and in rebuilding destroyed communities.
  • NBC News crews are on the ground and reporting from Morocco.
22d ago / 2:21 PM UTC

Death toll rises to almost 3,000

The death toll from the devastating earthquake has reached at least 2,901, according to the Moroccan Interior Ministry. The number of people injured has risen to at least 5,530, it said in an update today.

The ministry said that 2,884 of the people who were killed have been buried.

It said efforts to rescue any potential survivors were still underway, while the injured continued to receive care.

22d ago / 12:16 PM UTC

Morocco expresses solidarity with Libya after devastating floods

As Morocco grapples with the devastation of Friday's earthquake, the country has expressed "full solidarity" with Libya, where thousands are feared dead or missing after major floods caused by the Mediterranean storm Daniel.

"The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its full solidarity with the sisterly state of Libya following the storm and floods that have affected certain regions of the country, causing several human casualties and property losses," the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

At least 3,000 people are feared dead, the Anadolu Agency reported, citing the health minister for Libya's eastern government. At least 2,300 people were confirmed dead in the city of Derna on the northern Mediterranean coast alone, according to the Ambulance and Emergency Service.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies suggested that the death toll could be much higher, with at least 10,000 people feared to be missing. However, it noted that the number of those missing had not yet been finalized.

22d ago / 9:51 AM UTC

Moroccan man returns to find his childhood home flattened

Sept. 12, 202301:01
22d ago / 9:34 AM UTC

'The people alive have been pulled out,' rescuer says

Rubble from buildings that crumbled after the earthquake, in Taheghaghte, Morocco, on Sept. 11, 2023.
Rubble of buildings that crumbled in Tafeghaghte, Morocco.Bill O'Reilly / NBC News

As the search for survivors across a vast expanse of the High Atlas Mountains enters its fourth day, rescuers face a sea of rubble. Professionals work alongside local people digging with bare hands.

But for some, hope has faded.

“Already the people alive been pulled out. But unfortunately there are still corpses in the rubble we’re trying to help the families to recover,” said Borja Gonzalez de Escalada, mission director for SAMU First Response, a nonprofit aid organization based in Washington.

22d ago / 9:04 AM UTC

One village was almost entirely destroyed by earthquake

TINMEL, Morocco — In the village of Tinmel, almost every house was pulverized and the entire community has been left homeless. The stench of death from dozens of animals buried under the rubble wafts through parts of the village.

Aftermath of a deadly earthquake in Morocco
Khadijah Deaoune searches next to where her house once stood in Tinmel, Morocco, on Monday.Hannah McKay / Reuters

Mouhamad Elhasan, 59, said he had been eating dinner with his family when the earthquake struck. His 31-year-old son fled outside and was hit as their neighbor’s roof collapsed, trapping him under the rubble.

Elhasan said he searched for his son as he cried for help. But eventually the cries stopped, and by the time he reached his son he was dead. Elhasan and his wife and daughter remained inside their home and survived.

“If he had stayed inside the house, he would have been OK,” Elhasan said.

22d ago / 9:02 AM UTC

British firefighters join rescue and aid effort

Firefighters from across the United Kingdom are among the rescuers desperately trying to find any signs of life amid the tons of debris in mountainous areas, as well as distributing aid to survivors.

A crew from the London Fire Brigade touched down in Morocco yesterday and is now based in the village of Amizmiz. "They're undertaking needs assessments in remote villages — they'll be prioritizing those in need of rescue, medical aid, water, food & shelter," the brigade said on X, formerly Twitter.

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service sent out a team of five, who traveled out Sunday. This includes station manager Martin Foran, who went to assist in the aftermath of the Turkey-Syria earthquake earlier this year, the service said.

22d ago / 8:44 AM UTC

Earthquake devastation leaves animals trapped and displaced

Morocco Donkey Rescue
A man rescues a donkey trapped under rubble after an earthquake in the mountain village of Tafeghaghte, southwest of Marrakech, on Saturday.Fadel Senna / AFP - Getty Images
Morocco earthquake animals
A cat sleeps on the wreckage of houses destroyed in Moulay Brahim on Sunday. Philippe Lopez / AFP via Getty Images
Medics treated a constant flow of casualties after Morocco's strongest-ever earthquake killed more than 2,800 people, but  on september 12 hopes of finding more survivors under the rubble were fading.
A local farmer carries an injured goat in his village in the mountainous area of Tizi N’Test, one of the most devastated in quake-hit Morocco, yesterday.Bulent Kilic / AFP - Getty Images
Morocco Earthquake Death Toll Rises To More Than 2,600
An injured cow lies unattended by the side of the road, amid the rubble of destroyed buildings in Talat N’yakoub yesterday. Europa Press via Getty Images
22d ago / 8:41 AM UTC

‘Everyone is dead’: A small village is destroyed by the quake

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TAFEGHAGHTE, Morocco — The smell of rotting bodies hangs in the air in this small mountain village, whose dead have been buried in shallow, temporary graves without caskets. Bramble and stones cover them to keep the dogs away. 

There are only 100 homes in this hamlet, yet more than 90 people are dead. The last of the corpses was recovered yesterday morning.

The government-supplied bulldozer clawing through the rubble is now only searching for salvageable belongings.

Read the full story here.

22d ago / 8:36 AM UTC

How to help the victims of the Morocco earthquake

The United Nations estimates 300,000 people in the region were affected, with many sleeping outside amid concerns over aftershocks.

Now, international aid groups are raising money to help those in need as the desperate search continues for survivors of Morocco’s deadliest earthquake in more than six decades.

Here’s how to help.