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Peace talks ended between Russia and Ukraine, no breakthrough as shelling continues

Russia and Ukraine met for talks on the Belarusian border Monday morning.

This event is over. For more Russia-Ukraine coverage read here.

390d ago / 8:13 AM UTC

Ruble falls to historic lows as Russia's central bank hikes interest rates to 20 percent

390d ago / 8:00 AM UTC

390d ago / 4:24 AM UTC

390d ago / 3:47 AM UTC

Canada says Russian airline violated its airspace

390d ago / 3:22 AM UTC

CEOs of Google, YouTube meet E.U. officials to discuss Ukraine

390d ago / 2:52 AM UTC

"Succession" actor Brian Cox hails Zelenskyy, condemns Russia at SAG Awards

390d ago / 2:44 AM UTC

Russia still has friends, official says, citing China

390d ago / 2:40 AM UTC

Blasts heard in Kyiv

390d ago / 2:06 AM UTC

Russian saboteurs want to bring panic to Kyiv, mayor says

390d ago / 1:36 AM UTC

Dow futures fall as much as 500 points

390d ago / 1:02 AM UTC


390d ago / 12:39 AM UTC

Blinken: U.S. to provide $54 million for 'ordinary Ukrainians'

390d ago / 12:04 AM UTC

E.U. diplomat says Ukraine conflict 'is a defining moment for European history'

390d ago / 11:58 PM UTC


390d ago / 11:46 PM UTC

Zelenskyy, in call with U.K.'s Johnson, says next 24 hours will be 'crucial' for Ukraine

390d ago / 10:41 PM UTC

Kids with cancer shelter in Kyiv hospital basements with limited access to meds, food and water

390d ago / 10:36 PM UTC

Ukraine's U.N. ambassador condemns Putin's 'nuclear blackmail' and claims of genocide

390d ago / 10:21 PM UTC

U.S. citizens should consider leaving Russia immediately, State Department says

391d ago / 7:55 PM UTC

Ukrainians pack church for first Sunday service since Russian invasion