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U.S., allies move to revoke Russia trade status as Moscow expands offensive

Satellite images appeared to show that a huge military convoy close to Kyiv had dispersed, sparking fears of an imminent ground offensive.

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President Joe Biden called for revoking normal trade relations with Russia on Friday, which would pave the way for new tariffs — a move supported by both parties in Congress and joined by members of the Group of 7 nations and the European Union.

Meanwhile, Russian forces appeared to be stepping up their campaign across Ukraine, edging closer to the capital, Kyiv, and expanding their offensive west.

Satellite images appeared to show that a huge military convoy close to Kyiv had dispersed, prompting fears of an imminent ground offensive. Multiple airstrikes also hit the cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk early Friday, Ukraine's Parliament said, striking farther west than before.

Ukraine continued to try to evacuate civilians from besieged cities, with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying that as many as 100,000 people had been brought to safety over the past two days.

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385d ago / 6:52 AM UTC

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, and

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Russia could block 80 million Instagram users

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Technicians start repairs to damaged lines at Chernobyl, IAEA says

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Polish mayors say cities are 'at the limit' with refugees, ask for help

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'Gross violation of norms': Ukraine accuses Russia of kidnapping city's mayor

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YouTube blocks global access to Russian state-funded media channels

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Ukrainian teens studying in the U.S. fear for their families, worry for their hometowns

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Sony Pictures pauses all business in Russia

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Sullivan met with British foreign secretary to discuss Ukraine

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Pentagon spokesman says U.S. testing deconfliction line with Russia 'once or twice a day'

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'We believe in truth': U.S. ambassador to the U.N. says Russia pushing misinformation

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Biden blames oil prices on Ukraine war, credits Democrats for improving economy

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Russian projectile hits psychiatric hospital as shelling again prevents evacuation, regional official says

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'Absolutely critical': Ukraine's wartime supply chain essential to its defense

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Lviv mother transporting refugees to Poland: 'A lot of women are now truck drivers'


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Chinese ambassador to U.N. expresses support for Russia

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Russian forces make some headway outside Kyiv, conduct airstrikes in western Ukraine


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Ukrainian teens studying in the U.S. fear for their families, worry for their hometowns

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Biden speaks with Zelenskyy about further support, Russia sanctions

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E.U. announces new punitive measures to intensify economic pressure against the Kremlin

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U.S. ambassador to U.N.: Russian allegations could lead to use of biological weapons against Ukraine

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Pelosi: House will vote on revoking normal trade relations with Russia next week

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Rebuilding in Lviv: 'I do my job and it helps my country'


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White House debates U.S. role in international war crimes probe


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Biden announces steps to cut off normal trade relations with Russia

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Harris on bombing of Mariupol hospital: 'Any intentional targeting of civilians is a war crime'

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'We need only, we need sleep,' says teen refugee at Polish border


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Injured pregnant woman seen after hospital shelling gives birth to daughter

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Russia restricts access to Instagram, moves to designate Meta 'extremist organization'


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Drone likely flying from Ukraine war zone crashes in Croatia

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GOP senators demand that U.S. help transfer fighter jets to Ukraine


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Defiant Putin 'convinced' Russia will 'overcome' impact of sanctions

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386d ago / 12:36 PM UTC

Biden to revoke normal trade relations with Russia

, and

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U.N. warns of 'significant food security repercussions'

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Russia steps up Ukraine offensive as Biden increases economic pressure

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Moscow stock market remains shut for 11th consecutive day

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China’s No. 2 leader offers help for ‘grave’ situation in Ukraine

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Russian forces killed more civilians than soldiers, Ukraine Defense Minister says

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Russia says 16,000 volunteers from the Middle East ready to fight in Ukraine

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Cities in western Ukraine hit by airstrikes

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How Goldman Sachs profits from war in Ukraine, loophole in sanctions

, and

386d ago / 4:58 AM UTC

Biden reportedly set to call for revoking Russia's favored trade status