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Maddow's advice to Obama on health care messaging: Talk up Romneycare

Mitt Romney may be running away from his record as governor of Massachusetts, but Rachel Maddow thinks Obama should tout it as a model for the nation. On Thursday's edition of The Rachel Maddow Show, she said:

I will say, the bold move here would be for the president to use Massachusetts as the example. To say,"Look! This is the template. Look what Mitt Romney did! It's so awesome! One hundred percent insurance rate for kids! Ninety-eight percent insurance rate for the rest of the state! The highest in the nation! Look how great it's working in Massachusetts! And great care! You're about to get that. Stick with me." That would be bold.

Romneycare was, of course, one of Romney's signature achievements as governor; something that is even reflected in his official gubernatorial portrait. And, as Rachel mentioned earlier in the show, Massachusetts has the lowest uninsured rate in the entire country. Yet Romney has found his health care record to be an enormous millstone around his neck when it comes to rallying the conservative troops. Early in the day, he reiterated his desire to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.