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Man impaled on NH fence while allegedly skipping out on bar bill

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A man allegedly skipping out on a restaurant bar bill became impaled on a fence he tried to hop, NBC station WHDH of Boston reported.

About 18 inches of the fence, including a spike that pierced the man’s leg, was removed and sent to the hospital with the man, WHDH reported.

The man was not identified, but the Manchester Union-Leader described him as a 30-year-old North Carolina resident.

Firefighters found the man outside Manchester’s Hilton Garden Inn, WHDH reported.

“He was actually in pretty good shape. He was texting and making phone calls. He was very cooperative,” said Lt. Max Chiasson, Manchester Fire Department, told WHDH.

It took eight firefighters to help free the man, WHDH said.

 “There were a few moments where things were getting moved around. There were some power tools being operated. He cringed a few times but for the most part he was just like, ‘Get me out of here,’” Chiasson told WHDH.

Firefighters and paramedics used saws, hydraulic cutting tools and a cutting wheel, the Union-Leader reported.

The man was lucky considering where he landed, as the fence missed arteries, ligaments and bones, firefighters told WHDH.

The man was reported in stable condition, WHDH said.

Police told WHDH the man was literally caught in the act of trying to run out of a bar after a fight over a bill.

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