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Mark Halperin: Taylor Swift fan

Who says Tuesday mornings are dull?

And how can they be when you've got Time contributor and Morning Joe regular, Mark Halperin, making a stunning musical name the first 20 minutes of the show?

And we have Rudy Giuliani's Monday endorsement of Mitt Romney to thank for it all.

It wasn't long ago that Giuliani criticized Romney on Morning Joe for his ideological inconsistency, and after reviewing the tape this morning, Halperin offered this bon mot:

To quote the political philosopher Taylor Swift: It’s a love story baby, say yes!

No one on the panel knew what to do with it, but Willie did offer a "Wow. That’s almost creepy!" in for good measure.

Anyway, fast forward to the end of the Top Talkers segment, and Morning Joe music guy, Q, pulls up Swift's 2008 "Love Story" (which apparently speaks to Halperin), and the crew had a little fun singing the earnest jam.

Now, due to restrictions, we can't post the music from the clip online, but queue this baby up in the background, and watch the gang take their best shot at Swift's pop smash.

Oh man!