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Matthews: This election is about destroying Obama, not electing a leader

Let me finish tonight with this.

You know, when you step away from this campaign for a while, and look back at it, you see it clearer. It's pretty stark: people on the right don't love Mitt Romney, don't especially like him, are just barely able to defend him — like this refusal of his to come clean on his taxes.

Besides, if the big money boys backing him are so proud of doing so, why are the senators they have voting down the line against naming them? They want little old people living in rowhouses to come up with a government-issued photo ID card but they, with all their lawyers and accountants, refuse to identify "themselves" when they give tens of millions of dollars to influence this election.    

Then, there is the zoo they've got growling and yelping out there: Rush Limbaugh yelling that the President was "indoctrinated" in his youth, and Michele Bachmann barking that Hillary Clinton's close aide is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. All this to exploit the dark, sick thinking of those in the tree tops of the right wing — the 48 percent who deny the President's Protestantism, implying that he's of some other religion, some exotic you-know-what religion; the 58 percent of Romney voters who confess they're really voting against that guy in the White House they're hearing these terrible things about.

You want to know the really nasty side of this campaign? It's not the peppering of shots at where Romney made his quarter billion. It's the relentless, un-American campaign of innuendo and xenophobia against the man who serves us in the White House.