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Matthews pokes fun at GOPers who thought mandate was overturned

On Thursday's Hardball, host Chris Matthews had a little fun with overeager conservatives who, reacting to inaccurate information, gloated of Obamacare's alleged demise.

Matthews poked fun at Republicans who reacted prematurely to reports that the individual mandate in President Obama's healthcare legislation had been overturned by the Supreme Court. Those reports turned out to be false, but in the meantime Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) tweeted, "This is a big win for #liberty & the #Constitution."

It was later retweeted by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Meanwhile, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) was caught on an iPhone camera bending over and shrieking with joy upon hearing that the mandate had been killed. "Yes! Yes!," she is heard screaming. 

But it wasn't just Republicans that let their excitement get the best of them. After learning that the individual mandate had been upheld, Democratic National Committee Executive Director Patrick Gaspard tweeted, "It's constitutional, b-----."

He later backtracked, tweeting: "I let my scotus excitement get the better of me. In all seriousness, this is an important moment in improving the lives of all Americans."