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Matthews: Romney's economic plan is the same as George W. Bush's plan

Would someone tell me how Romney's economic program differs from W.'s?

Okay. Take awhile. But tell me, Mr. Turnaround: how would you have avoided the catastrophe that Bush took us into? Where would you have signaled a 180--a smart course correction from the cut taxes, reduce regulation, full-speed ahead that took us careening into the worst economic horror since Hoover?

I know the answer. I know you're a Dubya Ditto Head. I know that you believe what the last Republican skipper of this boat believed, that all a smart captain of industry has do is what every dues-paying member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants him or her to do: cut taxes, give me more of my money, and stay out of my way!

That's it, isn't it, Mr. Romney? You want to do for business what business wants any president to do, what it cheered when Dubya did it.  

So the question the voters have to ask is this: why do you expect a different result when you keep doing the same thing? Why do you, Mitt Romney, expect to take us anywhere different than that downward whirlpool Dubya skippered us into in 2008 when we had to send the "distress" signal, send for Hank Paulson and the salvage boats, when he, George W. Bush, brought the phrase "bailout" in American political parlance.  

That was Bush, wasn't it? That was the guy who believed just what you believe, Mr. Romney. That was the other second-generation Republican wunderkind who does just what his daddy taught him: that business is great. Just do what those rich guys say they want and everything's going to go along swimmingly.

My only question is this: if the Bushes were so great, if you're squared in your rigging to that same sinking ship Dubya left this president to get back to port, why do you sing the praises of Bill Clinton so often these days? Can we safely predict that the person you will hide between now and November is the guy whose policies you are out there selling? 

No wonder you don't want to mention his name. If you put us on that course mister, we're headed to the same collision.