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Matthews: We are more than the fights, the 'political back-and-forth'

Let me finish tonight with this.  

I think all great events have great impacts. This country has never gotten over the Kennedy assassination. I haven't. For younger Americans, especially them, 9/11 still haunts.

This horror in Aurora, Colorado, continues to penetrate our country's feelings. I think it's had a stronger impact on this country than all the words thrown back and forth in the presidential campaign this summer.  

I think people feel for each other in ways that don't come across in the political back-and-forth. They care about each other in ways that don't get displayed when we talk about red states and blue states. I think we need to hold onto these moments of national unity — to keep them in our minds and hearts when the debate heats and heightens.  

We need to remember that we don't despise each other, but the arguments that are thrown up by the other side. I know that sounds odd coming from me. I freely admit there are people who really get to me, but I also know that if I found them lying in a ditch somewhere, say after a traffic accident, I'd do everything I could to care for them. I know this. You know this about yourself.  

We are all God's children and that is a fact — one that we need to remind ourselves, one that comes back to remind us in times we take a hit, suffering a horror together like we've done since the day that "Aurora, Colorado" flashed across the headlines and ventured into our hearts.