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Matt's plaid jacket gets a Twitter account (thanks to Savannah)

Matt Lauer's plaid jacket became a Twitter hit, with a little help from Ann Curry and Savannah Guthrie.

Ann started the show saying that Matt's jacket reminded her of Johnny Carson's style. Matt agreed. "This is kind of what would happen if Johnny Carson were a guest star on 'Mad Men,'" he quipped. 

And that was all the prompting Savannah needed to continue the joke. "I felt it was our collective responsibility to keep it going all morning," the avid tweeter told "What better way than to engage on Twitter, especially since Matt doesn't tweet?"

Savannah set up the Twitter account @MattPlaidJacket (shockingly, @MattJacket was already taken) and started a stream of jokes. And it's already catching on with almost 200 followers.

Tweeters also weighed in on Matt's fashion choice. Here's a selection of our favorite messages: 

Despite the good-natured ribbing, Savannah says she likes the jacket. "He pulls it off," she wrote. 

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Steve Veres is an editor for He once sported a burgundy jacket to a party ... but did not quite pull it off.

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