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Mayor Booker, Harold Ford Jr., and Steve Rattner quoted in new Romney ad

Mitt Romney's campaign team have been quick to cull together a new ad hitting back at the president's Bain Capital criticisms. As has been the tack recently, Romney's team is using Democrats' comments to hit the president.

The ad, which is under a minute, features Mayor Booker's now ubiquitous "Meet the Press" comments, and it also features two comments from our show.

One's from yesterday! Talk about swift moving!

In a Monday discussion on Mayor Booker's comments, former DLC chair Harold Ford Jr. shares his thoughts on private equity, and this ad picks up Ford saying "Private equity is not a bad thing. Matter of fact, private equity is a good thing in many, many instances."

It also picks up Morning Joe economic analyst and former advisor to President Obama, Steve Rattner, saying on May 14 that Bain did nothing "...they need to be embarrassed about."

So there you go!

How successful will this strategy -- using the Democrats' own sound bites on private equity and Bain against the Democrats -- be?

You tell us!