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McCain returns to GOP convention in different role

Four years after he accepted the Republican nomination for president, John McCain returned to the GOP convention.

“I had hopes once of addressing you under different circumstances,” McCain said. “But our fellow Americans had another plan four years ago, and I accept their decision.”

This year, McCain was here in a different capacity – as Mitt Romney’s chief foreign policy attack dog, leveling harsh criticism of President Obama, the man who defeated him in 2008.

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He casually charged that because of withdrawing from Afghanistan, “the president discourages our friends and emboldens our enemies.”

Because of Obama’s stance on Syria, McCain said, “Our president is not being true to our values.”

He said he trusts Mitt Romney to lead and without American leadership, “the world will grow darker, poorer and much more dangerous.”

Romney starts at a deficit when it comes to foreign affairs. According to the latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll, President Obama has a 54 percent approval rating on foreign policy and more say Obama would be a better commander in chief.