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Melting Glaciers Reveal World War I Corpses

<p>Glaciers melting in Italy are revealing the horrors of World War I, after being preserved in ice for a century.</p>
The bodies of three Austrian soldiers killed in World War One.
The bodies of three Austrian soldiers killed in World War One that were found frozen and almost perfectly preserved in an Italian Alpine glacier in 2004. Maurizio Vincenzi / Reuters, file

The bodies of soldiers killed during a a little known but spectacular episode of World War I are turning up as glaciers melt around the small Italian ski resort of Peio.

The mummified bodies of two blue-eyed Austrians with bullet holes in their skulls were discovered in September near the village that was the scene of heavy fighting between Austro-Hungarian troops and the Italian army during the so-called "White War," The Telegraph reported.

"For both sides the worst enemy was the weather, which killed more men than the fighting. At those altitudes, the temperature could fall to -30C, and the ‘white death’ — death by avalanche — claimed thousands of lives," the British newspaper noted.

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