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Michigan Republican very funny ha-ha

On Monday's show, we aired the 14-word answer from Jeffrey Timmer, a Michigan Republican, about why he resigned from an elections board where both sides had conflicts of interest. Timmer's GOP political firm was involved in challenging a referendum campaign against the state's emergency manager law. He then joined his fellow Republican on the board in blocking the referendum. Asked why he quit, he told us: "I just want to be liked by the tens of people watching your show."

I sent Timmer a link to the segment and told him we still would like to know why he resigned. With a couple of links added for context, his reply follows in full:

Pick one or more:

1) Because 3 judge Court of Appeals panel unanimously agreed with my and Shinkle's vote that the petitions demonstrably fail to meet the simple legal requirements all petitions must meet

2) vast right wing conspiracy

3) essentially a volunteer position ($75 per meeting) encroaching upon too much of my time

4) can't stand the blinding glare of cable news shows, their tenacious producers, and oh so earnest hosts interested only in accurate reporting of facts

5) Sniveling cowardice

6) all part of a scheme to limit vote only to landed gentry

7) it's only fair to share this joyous position with other deserving Republicans

8) So I can enjoy family dinners out and little league games without you emailing me

9) So I have time to create and focus on exciting and new conflict of interest scenarios

10) Vagina-gate

David Letterman would be proud -- Timmer wrote that in just about an hour and a half*!** See also: Timmer's resignation letter to the governor.

*Judging from the e-mail timestamps.