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Mitt plans dinner with King Of The Birthers

By Carey Fox, Segment Producer

Here’s one of the big stories we’re working on tonight for The Ed Show: Mitt Romney's campaign just announced a fundraising contest and a Las Vegas event that will both be held in collaboration with real estate magnate and Obama birther Donald Trump.  

Exhibit A: Trump just won’t give up on birthirism; in fact, he’s digging in.

Exhibit B: Romney continues to use Trump as a major surrogate and fundraiser.

So when (if ever) will Romney distance himself from the King Of The Birthers, Donald Trump?

Here’s more insanity from Trump over the past year or so...

--There are so many things that people don’t know about this man, where he comes from (:at 56):

-- I want him to show his birth certificate. There’s something on this birth certificate that he doesn’t like (at 3:10):


--You ask about a birth certificate. How come there are not records that his mother was in a hospital (at :22):

--This guy has not revealed his birth certificate. A lot of people agree with me.// I did a tea party event, they love this issue and there are so many people that want him to provide his birth certificate (at :46):

--You have said in previous interviews that you have a team of investigators in Hawaii looking into it.

--What have you come up with your investigators?

I don’t want to say that now. It’s going to be very interesting (at :23).

--He’s got a certificate of live birth, that’s not a birth certificate (at 1:05).

--Look, he has got a grandmother in Kenya, who said he was born in Kenya (at 2:30):