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Mitt Romney's sons talk pranks with Conan O'Brien

All five of Mitt Romney's sons appeared on Conan O'Brien's show last Wednesday.

Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig donned name tags and regaled Conan with what a prankster the Mittster really is.

“I remember a story from when he was in high school — I guess it was a little after high school," Tagg Romney, the eldest son, said.  "His friend was getting married. And he found his way into the hotel room ahead of time, and the groom’s outfit was there. He took some pink nail polish and wrote on the first shoe, ‘H-E,’ on the sole, and on the next one, ‘L-P.’ And no one noticed it.  It was a Catholic wedding, and when he knelt down to be blessed by the father, the word ‘HELP’ appeared." 

Policy questions were not brought and Conan was fairly gentle with the sons. He didn't call the presumptive GOP presidential nominee a flip-flopper, or bring up his wife's several Cadillacs.

But Conan couldn't help poke fun of Mitt Romney's wealth in the "True or False"

Conan asked the boys if Mitt Romney went to college "on a croquet scholarship" (No response on that one.) and if their father's hair "is chisled out of imported African mahogany."

"That is true," Tagg said.