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Monday's Views on Sunday's News

This Sunday's Meet the Press featured a debate on the issues that will define the 2012 Presidential election. The National Journal reported, "Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio faced off on NBC's Meet the Press over the recession-wracked Midwest, which has suffered a high rate of manufacturing job losses." Roll Call noted Kasich's preview of the 2012 election in Ohio: “'It’s going to be close,” Kasich said today on NBC’s 'Meet the Press.' 'It’s going to be tight as a tick out here. It always is.'" Bloomberg's Business Week and The Examiner also covered the debate on MTP. 

David also moderated a roundtable discussion on faith and politics. The Baltimore Sun wrote, "Baltimore Archbishop-designate William Lori said that the U.S. is witnessing "an erosion of religious liberty... Lori, appearing as part of an Easter-morning round-table discussion on NBC's ‘Meet the Press,’ said he would not characterize the current atmosphere as a ‘war’ on religion.” Reverend Billy Graham's daughter Ann Graham Lotz joined, speaking about her view on faith and elections. "”I would not vote for a man who was an atheist because I believe you need to have an acknowledgement or a reverence or a fear for almighty God,’ Anne Graham Lotz said on NBC's ‘Meet the Press’" Politico reported. National Journal  covered Rep. Raul Labrador’s (R-ID) advice for Mitt Romney as a fellow Mormon: “’He should talk about who he is and what formed him,’ Labrador said on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday." You can watch the full discussion below.