Moose Trapped for Hours by Office Cafeteria in Dresden, Germany

Moose Wanders Into Office Building in Germany 0:20

MAINZ, Germany - A young moose spent nearly six hours trapped in the entrance to an office cafeteria before being rescued. Officials in Dresden, Germany, said the animal most likely wandered through an open door of the building, which is used by engineering giant Siemens.

Police and animal control officials tried to lure the male moose out of the building with food, but after several failed attempts had to use a tranquilizer gun so the animal could be put on a trailer on Monday. The moose was not injured and was later released in a forest in eastern Saxony. Experts believe the moose had traveled from nearby Poland or the Czech Republic. "We could not find any damage to the building," police spokesman Marco Jaske told NBC News.

- Andy Eckardt