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More 2012: Scott Brown and Paul Ryan

Danger, Will Robinson: “While Republicans across the country hailed the selec­tion of Paul Ryan as Mitt ­Romney’s running mate, US Senator Scott Brown struck a much more cautious note Monday, as Democrats tried to tie him to the congressman’s controversial proposals to overhaul Medicare and cut social programs,” the Boston Globe writes. He said: “It was a bold choice. It certainly raises the bar when you want to talk about our country’s financial problems, and he’ll raise that conversation to a good level. . . . While we don’t agree on every­thing, I certainly appreciate his efforts to bring the budgetary ideas to the forefront. …”

“But Brown appeared to grow frustrated with repeated questions about Ryan’s proposals, some of which have the potential to spook seniors and swing voters, important blocs that Brown is courting. ‘Listen, you’ll have to speak to ­Ryan about his ideas,’ Brown said, walking away as a reporter asked him about Ryan’s plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 by 2034. ‘I have my own ideas, and we’ve been voting on them.’”

Massachusetts Democrats are already trying to tie Brown to Ryan with this web video, highlighting Brown’s past praise of Romney and Ryan.