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More 2012: Warren, Brown tied

ARIZONA: Ron Barber, looking to replace Gabrielle Giffords, couldn’t bring himself to say he was voting for Obama this fall?

MASSACHUSETTS: Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are in a statistical dead heat, with Brown up 48%-47% in a new Suffolk poll.

NEW MEXICO: AP looks at the Senate race there. Its primary is June 5.

NORTH DAKOTA: It probably doesn’t help to be on a poster for a boat safety because of an accident you were in if you want to be Senator.

WISCONSIN: Political Wire: “A new Reason-Rupe poll in Wisconsin finds Gov. Scott Walker (R) eight points ahead of challenger Tom Barrett (D) in the recall race, 50% to 42%. A new St. Norbert College poll finds Walker leading by five points, 50% to 45%.”