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More Secret Service resignations expected to be announced

More Secret Service agents allegedly involved in last week’s prostitution scandal in Colombia are expected to resign amid the continuing investigation of the incident in advance of President Barack Obama’s visit to the Latin American country, a congressional source with knowledge of the case tells NBC News. 

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the exact number of resignations that would be announced as early as Thursday afternoon was not clear. 

Secret Service spokesman Paul Morrissey announced

CBS News reported Thursday that one of those three is planning a lawsuit after being forced to leave the agency, quoting an unidentified congressional source briefed on the matter.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan has told lawmakers that the 11 agents and 10 U.S. military personnel also implicated in the scandal have given conflicting stories about the incident, in which they were accused of partying with as many as 20 prostitutes at a legal brothel in Cartagena least week. The incident, which reportedly ended with at least some of them bringing prostitutes back to their hotel, became public only after one of the prostitutes complained that one of the agents refused to pay her the agreed-upon amount.

The special agents and uniformed officers of the Secret Service and other military personnel were in Colombia in advance of Obama's arrival for the Summit of the Americas.

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