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MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton is featured on Oprah's Next Chapter

Politics Nation host, Rev. Al Sharpton, reveals intimate details about the moments that changed his life forever in interview with Oprah. Watch the clips below to find out more about how Sharpton dealt with the pain of his father leaving the family and his first experience preaching.

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Oprah to the Rev. Al Sharpton: "Were You for a Very Long Time an Angry Black Man?"

The Rev. Al Sharpton admits that for many years, he was very angry—angry at society, angry at his father for leaving his family, and angry at some of his mentors. Now, the Rev. Sharpton tells Oprah how he felt he was robbed of the life he was supposed to have, and reveals how he finally dealt with his pain.

The Moment That Changed the Rev. Al Sharpton's Life Forever

The Rev. Al Sharpton says that as a boy growing up in Queens, New York, he had a blessed suburban upbringing. That all changed when he was 9 years old. Watch as the Rev. Sharpton opens up about the day his father left the family—and took his mother's 18-year-old daughter from a previous marriage with him.

How the Rev. Al Sharpton Found His Calling at 4 Years Old

Before most children are even old enough to read, the Rev. Al Sharpton was preaching before a congregation of 900. Watch as the Rev. Sharpton talks about his first experience behind a pulpit—when he was just 4 years old—and shares the Bible verse that inspired his first sermon.