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My John Edwards cartoon

John Edwards faced his first week on trial on charges of corruption for using campaign funds to cover-up a love affair with pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter during his 2008 campaign for president. The trial has been every bit as salacious as people expected, with Edwards former assistant, Andrew Young, accusing Edwards of calling Hunter a "crazy slut" and claiming he feared Edwards might kill him to keep the truth a secret. He also revealed when Edwards needed to reach out and contact his mistress, the former senator signaled for the “Bat phone.”

Personally, I think Edwards is a disgrace and makes me cringe when I think about his story. But he faces 30 years in prison, which I think is a bit harsh, considering Arnold Schwarzenegger kept his love child a secret for 10 years while he was governor, and he's free to return to his former movie star days. 

Here's my cartoon. What's your opinion? Comment below or drop a line on our Facebook page...