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Nation Moderaton Begins November 11th!

As Tyler promised in his last blog post, we are going to be spending a lot more time on the green side since the launch of is behind us. We are extremely excited at the opportunity to get back in touch with our Newsvine community.

And after much deliberation, we have decided to start moderating Nations. That’s right, folks. We are going to start suspending and banning users who are violating the Code of Honor in Nations. We will also be taking action against Nation Admins who are allowing violations to occur in their Nations.

We didn’t come to this decision lightly, but since launching Newsvine 3.0 in February; we have received numerous complaints from you, Newsviners, about Code of Honor violations in Nations. Many of you feel ganged up on, harassed, personally attacked and otherwise abused. And as you all know, that is not the environment we are trying to promote on the Vine.

Our hope is that with a little guidance from us, we can start working towards making Newsvine and Nations an enriching place to be: where we are getting smarter, having intelligent discussions and leaving the personal attacks and other violations out.

Since this is a new policy, it doesn’t go into effect until Monday, November 11. I know it’s been a while so here is a link to the Code of Honor so you can all brush up on the rules!