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NBC/WSJ poll: Six in 10 say Obama inherited current economy

Another set of numbers from our new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: 60 percent say President Obama inherited the current economic conditions, compared with 26 percent who blame his policies for the state of the economy.

That's a slight change from Aug. 2011, when 56 percent said the president inherited the economy, versus 33 percent who singled out his policies.

Yet when asked in a separate question whether the president’s policies have helped or hurt the economy, 33 percent say they’ve hurt; 32 percent say they’ve helped; and another 32 percent answer that they haven’t made much of a difference.

The full NBC/WSJ poll -- which was conducted of 1,000 adults and which has a margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points -- is released at 6:30 pm ET.