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New Romney video suggests he got rousing reception at NAACP

Earlier this month, Mitt Romney gave a speech to the NAACP, during which he was booed at several points, most notably after pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And this even though, as Lean Forward reported, it appears the Romney campaign deliberately brought in a group of African-American conservatives to try to ensure a friendlier reception.

Now, Team Romney is looking to put a shinier gloss on the speech. "We Need Mitt Romney," a new video the campaign released Thursday targeting black voters, "rewrites history," as ThinkProgress puts it, "by splicing together Romney’s speech with shots of a couple audience members nodding as if in agreement. While Romney received a polite standing ovation when he was done speaking, the video has been edited to make it seem like the audience rose to their feet to applaud him mid-speech."


In reality, of course, President Obama enjoys the overwhelming support of African-American voters, polls suggest.