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Next-level Chairlift music video lets you choose your own adventure

I meant to post this last week, but alas, time got the better of me.

You know that band, Chairlift, right? Well, you do; you may just not have realized you do.

Anyway, they've got this great new video for their song "Met Before," which is a gauzy facsimile of '80s dance music.

The video is the visual equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure book (a series that I devoured as a child).

So, take a look and see where it takes you.


Side bit of trivia: The singer for Chairlift is said to be dating the singer for the New York band Violens. The singer for Violens was once part of another, mystery-shrouded outfit from New York. Without consulting the Google or Wiki machine, we'll give bonus points to anyone who can tell us the name of that mystery-shrouded band. They were pretty darn good.