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Niagara Falls Cops Hunt Couple After Baby Locked in Hotel Safe

Canadian police say the family in question is from Brooklyn, New York.
Image: Howard Johnson Manhattan SoHo - New York, New York
A Howard Johnson hotel in Manhattan.Peter Hassel Photography / Wyndham Image Library

Canadian police are on the hunt for a couple from Brooklyn whose infant somehow wound up locked in a hotel safe in Niagara Falls.

The family was staying at a Howard Johnson on Tuesday morning when the parents summoned help from staff and said their child was locked in the safe, police said. The baby was "alert and crying," police said.

The parents bolted from the hotel before police could be alerted and now investigators want to make sure the child is OK. "

"At this point it could be a preventable accident," Niagara Regional Police Det. Amanda Sanders said. "But that's why we want to reach the family, to find out what happened and make sure the baby is OK."

"There is no information on how the baby ended up locked in the safe," Niagara Regional Police said as they asked the public to be on the lookout for a gray Ford van with the New Jersey license plate B31EUB.

Sanders said the child was less than a year old, but it's "possible" the baby was somehow able to lock itself in the safe. A language barrier prevented staff from finding out more before the family let, Sanders said.

Niagara police alerted the New York Police Department but still had not located the family by Wednesday morning, Sanders said.