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No, you shouldn't sleep on this iPad pillow case

At first sight, a pillow-shaped iPad case seems like a brilliant idea — why, you could just use it to take a nap in the middle of an Angry Birds session! But once you read more about the accessory, you realize the devastating reality: You're not actually supposed to sleep on this thing.

The ePillow iPad accessory's design is intended to make using your iPad more comfortable. Its squishy nature means that it can sit on surfaces regular stands or cases might not be able to balance themselves on.

But the important thing — the main thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "pillow" — is not a wise idea with this thing. After all, do you really want to choose between removing your fragile iPad from this protective case and trying to sleep on the pillow while it contains a hard gadget? Neither option sounds appealing.

The ePillow is priced at $29.95, is made of polyester which somehow feels suede-like, and comes in chocolate brown and deep black. You can order it online now.

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