North Korea Moves Up Rocket Launch Window to Feb. 7 to 14: Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea's Defense Ministry says North Korea has moved up the window of its planned long-range rocket launch to Feb. 7-14.

Ministry spokesman Moon Sang Gyun said earlier Saturday that the North didn't inform international organizations of any other changes and that the rocket's expected flight path remains the same.

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The International Telecommunication Union, a U.N. specialized agency, later confirmed to NBC News that North Korea has said it is pushing forward its launch date after initially saying this week that it would attempt a satellite launch between Feb. 8 and 25.

No reason was given Saturday for the change of dates.

North Korea's launch declaration came just weeks after it conducted its fourth nuclear test. The North said its planned launch is an effort to send a satellite into orbit, but outside governments suspect it's a banned test of ballistic missile technology.