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Norway's Breivik gives 'terrifying' testimony

Norwegian mass killer Andres Breivik testified in an Oslo court Friday on the meticulous planning and execution of the plot that left 77 dead last summer, the Christian Science Monitor reported. He first warned people to leave the courtroom because his testimony might distress them.

Breivik explained how he arrived on the island of Utøya on July 22 and calmly and methodically executed Labor party youth members, many who stood paralyzed in fear as he shot them with a Glock pistol and Ruger semi-automatic rifle.

"I thought 'It's now or never,'" said a red-faced but composed Breivik, referring to his thoughts before taking his first victim. "A hundred voices in my head said, 'Don’t do this.'"

Read the entire Christian Science Monitor report here.

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