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Now on Google Music: Download songs to your computer

Screenshot of the latest addition to album/song options on Google Music
Screenshot of the latest addition to album/song options on Google MusicGoogle Music

As much as we like having access to our own music in the cloud, it's also nice to have it on our computers (especially for syncing with standalone MP3 players). Now Google Music lets you download everything you've bought on the site, or re-download anything you might have lost.

Since it debuted as Music Beta in the spring of 2011, (launching formally as Google Music in November), I've been playing around with it, adding it to my online music options (along with Amazon's Cloud Player, Songza and Spotify). But I've always hated that the songs I bought (or got for free) on Google Music were trapped on the cloud. (With $2 album sales, Google Music is the first place I go to now when streaming isn't enough for me.) 

Lifehacker noticed the change, and we're grateful for it.

Just hover over the song you want and it'll pull up the arrow to the pull-down menu.

Each song can be downloaded twice from Google Music on the web, but if you have the Music Manager desktop application, you can circumvent the limit. 

Android Market gives you full instructions on how to do all this, too.

By the way, if you already use Amazon's Cloud Player (which bolted out of the cloud music gate before Google and Apple), the two-way exchange (uploading/downloading) has always been available.

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