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NOW Today: Day 2 of the big story nobody saw coming

The Day 2 story is out - again, written by the New York Times, on that explosive allegation that a GOP super PAC was planning to invoke controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright in an attack ad campaign against President Obama. This morning the people implicated in the story are denouncing the Times report, suggesting a very different narrative. And many are questioning the Times itself, notably the prominence the story got on the cover of the newspaper, which undoubtedly fueled its coverage over the 24-hour news cycle.

We'll take a look at the wider implication of race in the 2012 campaign, recalling the role that it played back in 2008. And we'll have a look at exactly who billionaire Joe Ricketts is, and why he might be in a position to spend $10 million to try and thwart a second Obama term.


Robert Traynham, MSNBC Contributor/Sirius XM’s “The Flaks” (@roberttraynham)

Kasie Hunt, The Associated Press (@kasie)

Karen Finney, Columnist, The Hill/MSNBC Political Analyst (@finneyk)

Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed (@buzzfeedben)


Henry Blodget, Editor-in-Chief, Bussines Insider (@hblodget)

James Rubin, Fmr. State Dept. Spokesman