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NOW Today: DC, Day Deux

Dee Dee Myers wasn't the first guest on NOW to proclaim that the 2012 presidential race is going to get downright "nasty."

But this morning's New York Times reports that Republican's are calling upon the Romney campaign to go positive, finding the former Massachusetts governor's tone combative and troublesome.  The idea: don't beat up on the President, and instead offer up your vision for America.

It's a tricky issue.  Many Republican voters are angry, and by engaging them Romney ensures donations, voter turnout, and support.  But he can also, as the Times reports, get "trapped in a punch-counterpunch campaign that would limit his ability to define fundamental differences with the Democrats."

The path he chooses could very well lead to the path of the country for the next 4 years.  We'll talk about it all from Washington at noon ET.


Glenn Thrush, POLITCO (@glennthrush)

Ezra Klein, The Washington Post/MSNBC Policy Analyst (@ezraklein)

Kasie Hunt, The Associated Press (@kasie)

Phil Musser, Fmr. Sr. Pawlenty Advisor/Romney Supporter (@pmusser)