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NOW Today: A fresh look at Governor Romney

Governor Mitt Romney has made much of his experience running Bain Capital on the campaign trail. So much so, that it has became the cornerstone of repeated attacks by Team Obama. This morning TIME Magazine is out with an in-depth look at Governor Romney's tenure at Bain. Complete with interviews from his former partners and associates, the TIME piece also paints a picture of Governor Romney's ethics, attitudes, and philosophy. "The record of Romney’s 15 years as leader of Bain Capital depicts a businessman of exceptional talent—and exceptional caution."

It's a window into what a Romney presidency might look like. You can't get the story online - but we have it and will share it with you today at noon ET on NOW.


Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst (@richardwolffedc) 

Joan Walsh, Political Analyst (@joanwalsh)

Heather McGhee, Vice President, Demos (@hmcghee)

John Harwood, CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent/The New York Times (@johnjharwood)


Michael Grunwald, Author, “The New New Deal” (@mikegrunwald)

Michael Crowley, TIME (@crowleytime)