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NOW Today: Hoagie diplomacy

The White House says another debt debacle is out of the question. But the resolve of the Republicans seems to suggest that outcome is very possible.

The meeting at the White House yesterday (complete with a helping of hoagie sandwiches, which the President picked up himself) between the President and bipartisan political leaders ended with both sides insisting they would not be swayed from their convictions. Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney have seemingly coordinated their messages on debt and the deficit, reviving it as the issue for 2012.

We'll talk to the Ranking Member of the House Ways & Means Committee, Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan, about gridlock in Congress and the chance that tax reform will be anything more than a rhetorical maneuver for politicians.


Richard Wolffe, MSNBC Political Analyst (@richardwolffedc)

S.E. Cupp, NY Daily News Columnist (@secupp)

Lizz Winstead, Co-Creator, “The Daily Show”/Author, “Lizz Free Or Die” (@lizzwinstead)

David Corn, Mother Jones/MSNBC Political Analyst (@davidcorndc)


Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI), Ranking Member, House Ways & Means Comm.