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NOW Today: Too far?

Too much, or fair game?

The Romney campaign is hammering the Obama camp over Vice President Biden's remarks yesterday, during which he went off script, suggesting that Governor Mitt Romney's policies would "put y'all back in chains." Had Biden not gone off script, the point the Vice President claims he would have made is that proposed Republican policies would "unshackle" the economy - specifically Wall Street and the financial industry.

Referencing the President last night, Governor Romney said, "He's intellectually exhausted, out of ideas, and out of energy. And so his campaign has resorted to diversions and distractions, to demagoguing and defaming others." The Vice President is widely credited with being a master campaigner, delivering impassioned speeches on the campaign trail that often make for great soundbites. The question is: Was this an innocent slip? Did the Vice President go too far? And most notably, does this moment reflect the decay in decorum and decency in the modern political campaign? Give us your thoughts on TwitterFacebook, and here.


Eric Bates, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone

Sam Stein, The Huffington Post (@samsteinhp)

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast Contributor/Citizen Jane Politics (@1patriciamurphy)

Hugo Lindgren, Editor, The New York Times Magazine (@hugolindgren)


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Earth Institute at Columbia University

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Ranking Member, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform