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NOW Today: Two years later

On Friday's show we spoke to Fmr. Florida Governor Charlie Crist (I), who discussed the ongoing effects of the BP oil spill, which is marking its two-year anniversary.  We discussed the myriad evidence suggesting the effects of the spill are still very much a factor in the Gulf, and how the recovery effort is progressing.

Today, the former administrator of the BP claims facility, Ken Feinberg, joins the show.  Like the ecosystems the oil spill disrupted, thousands of Gulf residents are also recovering from the spill, widely considered the worst environmental disaster in modern American history.  According to an independent audit, Feinberg handled more than 98% of the 574,000 claims to seek compensation from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.  He says he's just a public citizen now, looking from afar.  We'll get a better sense of what that looks like, today at noon ET.


Kurt Andersen, Host, Studio 360 Radio (@kbandersen)

Ari Melber, The Nation/MSNBC Contributor (@arimelber)

Michelle Goldberg, The Daily Beast (@michelleinbklyn)

Catherine Crier, Author, “Patriot Acts” (@catherinecrier)


Ken Feinberg, Fmr. BP Claims Administrator

Ari Berman, The Nation (@ariberman)