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Now We Know (June 30)

The Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration's landmark health care reform law, has been upheld by the Supreme Court. That's the big news today -- but what else caught your eye this week?

Submit your ideas for local or national stories to "Up," and we may feature your suggestion during Saturday's Now We Know.

To submit your story ideas:

1) Email us at with a subject line "Now We Know", or post a comment below.
2) Include link(s) to the story so we can verify authenticity.
3) Be sure to tell us how you'd like to be credited if we choose your Now We Know suggestion.
4) Please tell us how to pronounce your name

Keep in mind, we do see a lot of stories ourselves, so please remember not to get upset if we discuss your story and don’t credit you. But if it’s something you bring to our attention first, we will of course give you credit.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submissions!

:: Blogged by Sal Gentile (@salgentile), segment producer for Up w/ Chris Hayes ::