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NRA's public standing takes a hit

Maddow Blog chart based on PPP data

Following up on Laura's piece, the National Rifle Association isn't just sending creepy fundraising appeals; it's also alienating more and more of the American mainstream. A new survey from Public Policy Polling offers some bad news for the conservative group.

PPP found that the organization now has a negative favorability rating, which is a reversal from a poll conducted the week before Wayne LaPierre's bizarre press conference on the massacre in Newtown, Conn.

Maddow Blog chart based on PPP data

The NRA's agenda isn't exactly winning people over, either -- 41% of poll respondents support the effort to deploy armed guards to schools nationwide, while 50% oppose the idea. (Most Democrats and independents reject the proposal, while most Republicans endorse it.) The notion of arming school teachers is backed by only 27% of the public, and even most gun owners do not favor the idea.

As for Congress, the legislative branch's approval rating has dropped to new depths, reaching just 7%. But one party fares far worse than the other -- congressional Democrats have a 38% approval rating, while congressional Republicans' support stands at just 15%.