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The Nuge has head choppin' fever, calls Obama admin 'criminals'

Ahh, Ted Nugent. You know, he plays guitar! And he says stuff!

The long-time rock guitarist and reality-TV guy who's words often shock...well, a lot of getting some more attention not for the hot riffs but for comments he made during the National Rifle Association's convention in St. Louis.

While speaking with a pretty cool headset on, Nugent called on the convention crowd to rally their friends to vote for Mitt Romney in the fall. (Although, getting a couple of thousand people per person to vote like he suggests does seem like a lot to me. But hey, maybe I don't have that many friends). But that part is all well and good.

Nugent then says the Obama administration is "wiping its ass with the Constitution," and that people who don't realize that are living under a rock. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder don't even LIKE the Constitution, according to Nugent.

He goes on to say "four Supreme Court justices" are evil and anti-American and that if President Obama is re-elected, Nugent will either be dead or in jail.

You know, this is all fairly pedestrian stuff for a dude who told Obama to suck on his machine gun (and, I may add, wrote a book called "Kill It & Grill It"), but when he goes on to say the president, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are criminals and that conservatives need to ride into the voting battlefield and "chop their heads off," you have to wonder if this is the kind of support Mitt Romney had in mind.

Will Romney have anything to say about this? Romney's son, Tagg, has weighed in.

Watch the video of Nugent at the NRA convention below:

And secondly, I wonder what Anthony Bourdain would say about all of this.