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Nuns on the Bus respond to Romney's welfare attack - with an invitation

The NETWORK nuns—affectionately known to many as the "Nuns on the Bus"—have been touring the country to protest the massive cuts in poverty programs in Paul Ryan's budget plan. And now they've set their sights on an even bigger target: Mitt Romney.

On The Ed Show Thursday, Executive Director Simone Campbell responded to Romney's latest attack on President Obama over welfare programs by extending an invitation to the GOP candidate to join the nuns' nine-state bus tour, which has been visiting social service organizations and low-income families who would be harmed by Ryan's proposed cuts.

Campbell said she believes Romney, who backs the Ryan plan, "has no idea how hard it is to keep a family together when you're on low income," and added that she'd like him to "meet some of the people who depend on the programs."

"He's making gross generalizations," Campbell continued, referring to Romney's attack ad, which falsely accuses Obama of removing the work requirement from welfare. "We would like to introduce him to the reality of our nation."

Earlier today, Campbell tweeted, of Romney "He only knows the top 1%!"

Of the increasing conservative demand for Romney to select Ryan as his running mate, Campbell said: "If [Ryan] is on the ticket, I think it would indicate a strong preference for those at the top ... that's a very scary thought."

Asked by Ed Schultz whether she thinks Romney will accept the invitation, Campbell replied: "I sincerely hope that he will."