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'NY 99ers' form defensive line to protest Romney's economic playbook

Now that Mitt Romney has all but wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination, its time to get back to some serious fundraising.

This morning, the Mittster went on the offense at a Manhattan fundraiser hosted by New York Jets owner (and good buddy) Woody Johnson.  But like a good game, the event needed some solid opposition.

The faux football team, New York 99ers, huddled outside to form a "defensive line against the same failed Bush economic policies that sacked the middle class."

The 99ers insist Romney's economic playbook gives "millionaires, big oil companies and corporations that offshore American jobs trillions of dollars in new tax breaks."  

The 99ers posed for photos at the Marriott Marquee Hotel in Times Square, wearing uniforms similar to the Jets, complete with "we are the 99 percent" brazened on the front their jerseys.

The protest was organized by United NY and Americans United for Change.

Go 99ers!