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NYC protests Trayvon Martin's killing

The New York Daily News report on #millionhoodies:

The parents of the unarmed black Florida teenager slain three weeks ago by an overzealous neighborhood watchman joined a “million hoodie” march in Union Square Wednesday demanding the shooter’s arrest. “Our son is your son,” Trayvon Martin’s mom Sybrina Fulton told a big crowd. “This is not a black and white thing. This is a right and wrong thing.” The demonstrators burst into a chant of “Justice for Trayvon!” "My heart is in pain. But seeing the support from all of you, really makes a difference,” she said. Demonstrators wearing hoodies took turns calling out “Am I suspicious?" Jumaane Williams, the city councilman arrested during last year’s West Indian Parade, said, "I know I’m black. I reek of Brooklyn. But I'm not a criminal. I'm a city councilman. Some of us are doctors. Some of us are President of the United States of America. Our blood is not cheap.”

Update: I attended the event, and (my best attempt at a) photo gallery is now embedded at the top. "Blacking It Up" host and previous "MHP" guest Elon James White filed a report for NewsOne, as did Lawrence O'Donnell on last night's "Last Word." You can find both after the jump. I'd also recommend reading Elon's commentary on the protest, which is critical of Occupy Wall Street's involvement in it.